The Nazca Lines (18th Dec)

Straight from an overnight bus journey (just after vowing never to take one again), I arrive at Nazca, a small town in the desert region of Peru. The reason there’s a town, and the reason I’m there, are the big old drawings on the ground.

A 40 min ride in the smallest plane I’ve ever been in. To start with it was cool, if a bit scary.

The lines were a bit underwhelming at first. I’m thinking “What? What am looking at here? It just looks like sand.”

The pilot keeps banking left and right at extreme angles and taking his hands off the controls to point out the window. “We see the condor drawing, just fly the damn plane!”

OK, that is pretty cool.

To make the lines they just removed the dark pebbles covering the ground.

By the end of the flight I was on the verge of being sick, and after landing needed 15 minutes to compose myself. I met someone who did this flight and in a nasty chain reaction, all but one of the passengers got sick.


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