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Alien invasion!

I’m digitising some old VHS tapes and enjoyed seeing this one again. It’s a fun 3 minute short I made with my mate Lew back in 1997.



A month ago today was the premiere of Zbampq, my first short film. It was the culmination of months of work by myself and all the amazing people who worked on the cast and crew, and you can watch it right here on YouTube:

Unfortunely it’s split into two parts. Eventually I’ll upload it to Vimeo where it can be viewed in one go, but I’m currently in Peru where uploading a massive video file is not feasible.

Damn newspapers!

Dan tidying up after the last shot:


This reminds me of a newspaper round I had when I was in school. The newsagents would put the piles of paper on the floor in the morning, one pile for each paperboy. They were so cheap they didn’t give me a bag so I’d struggle to carry the pile under my arm. I noticed one morning that there was a chocolate bar on top of each of the piles. “One chocolate bar for each paperboy” I thought, and took the bar, and the pile of papers under my arm, and walked out. Just as I was about to unwrap the chocolate bar the shop assistant rushed out and accused me of stealing. “But I thought it was for me”. She looked at me sternly and I gave the bar back. Great, now they think I’m a thief.

Another day I put the pile of papers down to try and deliver one into an awkward letter box. It was a windy day and the pile of papers blew all over someone’s garden. I rushed around and managed to pick most of them up and ended up looking like Dan above, but crazier. I went back to the shop all worried and late for school to say sorry but all the papers had blown everywhere and that it’s a really difficult job to do without a bag. They apologised, and gave me a chocolate bar, “here you go, use this to weigh them down.”

(This is all true except for the last sentence. They actually did give me a bag, which was good. But they should have given me a chocolate bar instead, that would have been perfect.)